Tile and Grout Cleaning

StainLifters carefully cleans your tile and grout without damaging your floor with our commercial cleaning system. You can also count on us for all your tile and grout repair needs.

StainLifters professional cleaning equipment allows us to easily remove the dirt from your tile and grout safely.

We prep your tile with an alkaline cleaning solution. Our Turbo Tool places 1500 psi on your tile and truck mounted vacuum sucks the water up in seconds – so your floor is dry in 20 minutes. ONLY IF NECESSARY we can use our acid base cleaner to remove very tough and difficult stains.

Tile is so beautiful and great to have because it doesn’t stain like carpet. But lets be honest… your tile does get dirty – especially those grout lines. This only happens because you don’t keep them maintained. Sure mopping the floor is great and needed, but at least once a year you need to call the StainLifters professionals to remove the difficult dirt so your floor can shine like it was brand new.

Grout lines are tough to clean, but the video above shows how our equipment does all the dirty work for you. The truth is mopping doesn’t remove everything, because just like carpet – your tile can hold unseen germs. Therefore, we don’t just clean your tile – we also eliminate germs that can cause problems with your breathing and can lead to health issues.

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